Restore Assemble Produce Youth

Building Bridges to Brighter Futures

Restore Assemble Produce Youth is committed to elevating the lives of adults, families, and youth from BIPOC and underserved communities. We advocate for healthy lifestyle choices through customized solutions and equip individuals to conquer obstacles confidently. Find out about one of our programs, the AXIOS Mentor Program.

Cultivating Worth and Potential

Embedded within the AXIOS Mentor Program is a profound ethos derived from its Greek origin, meaning “to have value or be worthy.” At Restore Assemble Produce Youth, our unwavering vision centers on empowering every participant. With compassionate guidance, our mentors discern the unique needs of children and youth, furnishing them with tailored tools, services, and programs to shape lives brimming with positivity and purpose.

Restore Assemble Produce Youth

Healing and Empowerment With AXIOS

Central to our holistic approach is the AXIOS Program, which offers bespoke healing and trauma-reducing activities for youth grappling with racial trauma. We foster an environment where each participant can flourish by addressing these challenges directly. Our belief is steadfast: transforming the lives of our youth not only fortifies families and communities but also sparks a transformative cascade of change on a global scale.

Youth Empowerment Activities Through AXIOS Mentor Program

Voice in Action

Selected youth engage in activities that grant them a platform to voice their opinions in various school and community arenas.

Community Engagement

These activities involve organizing meetings with city council members, police departments, and school officials to advocate for youth concerns.

Building Confidence

Through participation, youth discover their voice, strength, and confidence, debunking stereotypes and overcoming social and racial barriers.

Empowering Success

The AXIOS Speak Out Program aims to train educators to acknowledge race's role in achievement gaps.

Cultural Awareness

Success includes promoting cultural appreciation in school policies and decision-making.

Restorative Justice

Mentor specialists assist in implementing restorative processes to address youth challenges, fostering positive outcomes.

Impactful Advocacy

The AXIOS Speak Out team collaborates with school leaders, students, and the community to influence policy decisions, utilizing platforms like WRAP radio to amplify their voices.

Community Participation

Active involvement in community events and initiatives to promote youth empowerment and societal change.

Empower Youth, Foster Change

Ready to make a difference? Contact us today to learn more about our AXIOS Mentor Program and how you can get involved. Whether you're interested in supporting youth activities, advocating for cultural awareness, or participating in impactful advocacy, there's a place for you in our community. Let's empower youth, foster positive change, and build a brighter future together.