Restore Assemble Produce Youth

Mission Statement

The Restore Assemble Produce Youth’s mission is to be a solution for improving the lives of adults, families, and youth from BIPOC and underserved communities. Our mission includes promoting healthy lifestyle options for the BIPOC communities by providing services that empower and enrich each individual to overcome challenges with confidence and competence.

Vision Statement

Love-Centered Support

At Restore Assemble Produce Youth, love is our guiding principle in providing unwavering support and care for every youth who walks through our doors.

Compassionate Community

We cultivate a compassionate community where love is at the heart of everything we do, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for all youths.

Empowering With Love

We empower youths with the transformative power of love, nurturing their growth, confidence, and resilience as they navigate their journey toward success.

Love-Driven Growth

Through love-driven mentorship and guidance, we inspire personal and collective growth among youths, fostering a culture of kindness, respect, and empowerment.

Love in Action

At Restore Assemble Produce Youth, love is not just a word but a commitment to taking action, advocating for the needs and dreams of every youth, and creating meaningful opportunities for their flourishing.

These statements encapsulate the essence of Restore Assemble Produce Youth’s commitment to centering love as the primary value in its mission to support and empower youth.

Our History

Restore Assemble Produce Youth has a strong history of working with school districts by helping youth and families heal from the impact of racial and personal trauma. Restore Assemble Produce Youth has also shown the ability to work effectively and cooperatively with local, county, and state entities, including King County Best Starts for Kids, The City of Kent, and Washington State of Children and Youth Families.

We have a strong reputation of providing spaces, training expertise, communication processes, outreach and engagement to these valued community members and have been successful in creating communities for change in various arenas in Kent. We have participated in the Lead Awareness Program training, educating BIPOC community members to be advocates for their communities since 2020.

Our Team

Restore Assemble Produce Youth

LaTasha Jackson-Rodriguez

Executive Director

Previously, LaTasha Jackson-Rodriguez volunteered for RAPE CRISIS and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) in Hinesville, Georgia, for almost 5 years. She graduated with her master’s degree from Brandman University in 2016, where she studied Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy. LaTasha interned at the Fort Lewis Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program in Washington State, where she conducted individual and group therapy for Captains and Majors of the United States Army.

She has also worked for the Department of Social and Human Services as a CPS investigator, responding to urgent calls that consisted of physical, sexual, and mental abuse and neglect in the home. LaTasha Jackson-Rodriguez has also subcontracted with other agencies on contracts for the Department of Corrections (FOSA) program. This position required visiting ex-offender's homes upon release from prison to provide them with individual therapy to assist with the transition back into the community after serving time for domestic violence, sexual assaults, murder, and drug trafficking.

After working as a contracted marriage and family therapist associate, she saw where there was a need and gap for the BIPOC community. Seeing that, there was distrust toward receiving counseling and sharing with therapists who don’t look like them. She decided to start a counseling agency in 2017, The Sound Wellness and Counseling Center. LaTasha continued to work with both youth and adults who had experienced sexual abuse, domestic violence, discrimination, and grief. This experience compelled her to start her first non-profit organization called Restore Assemble Produce (“R.A.P.”) for not only troubled youth but the entire family that has been affected by various traumas. To this day, with the focus on bringing solutions to unify and stop hate crimes. She has continued to serve and educate her community by assisting and collaborating with the Mayor of Kent, the Commander of the Kent Police Department, and our youth to address the trauma that has affected our BIPOC community.

Olivia Scott

Program Director

Olivia has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a former school teacher at Fort Lewis Army Base. She is also a former fashion model and a mother of one.

Olivia provides leadership for our program and staff and oversees all aspects of program development, curriculum delivery, and promotion in accordance with our organization's goals.

Restore Assemble Produce Youth